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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when or if my child is ready?

In our experience the ideal starting age is between 18-24 months but any age beyond 18 months will work. Other items to look for as well:

-When they begin to follow you to the bathroom.   

-When they begin to recognize that there is a process big kids and adults do when they need to potty.

-When they become curious about the potty and ask when you use the restroom.

-When they know the word ‘potty’ and what it means.

-If you've tried to train and haven't had the success you were hoping for.  

What happens during the training? What should I expect?

-There will be occasional accidents during the training period and that's ok!
-This is a 5 day program. We provide some tips for the time before training to help make things smoother as well as tips for for behavior reinforcement in the two weeks following training.
-Every child is different so we will work together to tailor the plan to fit your child!
-Plan to be home for a few days. 
-This plan is extremely effective but will require you to be FULLY engaged in the process for the entire time, but it's all worth it!
-You will be so proud and surprised at how well your child does!

What makes beam different?

- Our children are all currently in elementary school or younger. Our daily lives revolve around children so we know what you're dealing with and we live this everyday just like you.

- We provide real time, one on one coaching from our owner/potty training coach.  Have a question? Want advice? Need encouragement? We're here for you and we want your child to be successful.  

- We have a 100% success rate.  While we can't guarantee that it will continue, we're pretty proud of our success rate thus far.  This program works! 

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