Our Potty Training Plans

Personalized Potty Training Plan:

Out most successful plan, we have 100% success rate using this method. 

This includes a personalized welcome kit, customized for your child shipped to your home and it’s for them to open! The package includes a welcome letter, book, big boy/girl underwear, our complete potty training plan, daily tracking charts with stickers, ‘magical nighttime underwear/panties and more! All customized to your child. 

On top of the package and the customized potty training plan, this program provides with you unlimited, direct contact (text, email, phone) to our owner and potty training coach throughout the day. She will provide you with real-time instant feedback and support when questions may arise during the potty training process. (Business Hours: 7AM-7PM Eastern). 

Potty Training Consulting:

This package is designed for families that have tried potty training and haven’t had the success they desire.  beam would be a second set of eyes and ears to help your child build upon the foundation that’s already been built, help establish new habits and provide support for mom and dad to help your child get to the potty training finish line.

Our owner and potty training coach would be available twice a day for a three day period to help formulate a success plan, answer any questions and provide general support/encouragement.  (Business Hours 7AM-7PM Eastern)

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