Day 1- Parker's Journey

January 16, 2018



Parker really was a rockstar on Day 1! He finished the day with 2 half accidents, 2 accidents and 14 SUCCESSES!!! We are so proud of him!!


Day 1 is much anticipated and somewhat feared due to the 'unknowns' of how your child may perform. All of my Day 1's have been filled with many emotions but most of all, ALL parents are left saying, 'YES' this is working and 'I believe in my child'. There is a light at the end of the potty training tunnel! 


For Parker, this has been and amazing day. Were there accidents? OF COURSE!! Were there successes? YES! Were there times when his mom needed advice because she was unsure of the next step? ABSOLUTELY! These any so many more reasons is why I love doing what I do. I see the success, the growth, and the confidence starting to take hold in the parents.   


He started the day with no potty experience. He had never gone potty 'on' the toilet, never had tried pull ups...nothing. Having accidents and talking through things allowed him to be aware of where his potty needed to go! Throughout the day he had tremendous success and I was so thrilled with his progress! By the afternoon time, he was even (are you ready for this) TELLING his Mommy and Daddy that he needed to go potty! This is SO HUGE and a major step in the training process!


Today Parker (and his wonderful parents) made progress beyond what they had expected. Parker far surpassed their expectations and showed them that he WAS ready and that he was on his way to becoming a big boy.


I cannot wait to see what his Day 2 holds. Meet me back here tomorrow for more updates! Keep up the amazing work Parker and family!!

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