Day 2- Parker's Journey

January 17, 2018


Parker had such a wonderful day!! Here is a breakdown of all of the progress he made....


8:45 AM

No accidents

3 potties

2 of the the potties, he said he needed to go and 1 was a routine stop 😁



10:00 AM

No accidents so far today! 7 potties! Still waiting on poop


3:20 PM 

No accidents!

14 pees

Magical underwear were only a little damp after nap 😴 


7:00 PM

No accidents ALL DAY!

No poop on day 2

21 pees in potty!


7:22 PM

Oops we had a poop accident! Parker ran to the bathroom three times feeling like he needed to. He ran as fast as he could but had a poopy accident in front of the bathroom door. He finished a small amount in toilet and pottied one more time before bed (YAY), great rebound and back on track! 


When I look back at his day I see so much growth! 21 pees in the potty!! That is incredible. Keep in mind, 2 days ago he was in diapers with NO potty training.


The accident at the very end of the day is completely normal. I was so encouraged by the fact that he was running towards the bathroom before the accident and that he FINISHED on the potty! He has made the connection and knows where he needs to potty! Super job!!


For Day 2, his results are really impressive. I love working with this family and seeing Parker's confidence grow. I am super proud of his focus and for his parents sticking to the beam potty training plan! This is a real family, with real results. We have taken Parker from diapers with no awareness of the potty process, to having NO pee accidents, all after day 2! 


Parker, was are SO proud of you!! Keep up the great work!


Can't wait to see Day 3 results! 




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