Day 3- Parker's Journey

January 18, 2018



His face says it all!! This was another 'home run' of a day!! Parker had 24 SUCCESSES!!! At this point in his training, he is telling his Mom and Dad when he needs to go! This is a very big step and shows that he has gained the knowledge and understanding of what it feels like when he needs to go potty! He was even rewarded for his progress by being able to play in the snow (with no accidents in all those clothes by the way). 


He did have another half accident (as he was running as fast as he could towards the potty, haha). I don't worry with this at all. Clearly he has the understanding that he needed to go, and where he needed to go! 


The biggest news was the text I received right around 7pm. Here is the message:


"Oh my goodness! We have our first poop in the potty!!! He is so, so proud of himself! What a rewarding moment. This kid is dancing, singing and grinning ear to ear!!!"


Getting that message and seeing the joy the family had in that moment was priceless. Parker was over the moon, his parents were beyond proud, and it was a milestone that I was so excited to be a part of!


I absolutely love what I do and seeing this transformation. It really is an incredible journey.


All of that and we are just at the end of Day 3! 


3 down 2 to go! 


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