Day 5- Parker's Journey

January 20, 2018


We've made it! It is the last official day of training and Parker has been amazing, First and foremost I want to say how PROUD I am of Parker and his sweet family. They did an amazing job these past few days! Parker is now a potty trained 'big boy'! He's no longer in diapers and his family will no longer need to spend money on pull ups are diapers.  


As we wrap up this inside look to potty training there are a few things I'd like to share:


- Parker's family chose to use to the smaller potty so he could use it on trips and avoid public restrooms. He immediately took to it because he could do it all by himself.  This is so encouraging and a great tool to consider for your family. 


- His Mommy had an appointment this morning.  As they were getting ready to load up, Parker went potty all by himself!  He wasn't even asked by his parents to use the potty and he went pee and poop.  How awesome is that?! This shows that he has full understanding of the potty and has mastered these skills.


-Throughout the morning Parker went to his Mommy's appointment (which was 30 minutes away from their home) and went out to lunch before returning home. He had NO ACCIDENTS and numerous successes while being away from home! 


We have a potty trained "big boy", in just 5 DAYS! I am so thrilled to have been a part of yet another success story. I have seen Parker transform and gain so much confidence along the way! His parents were fully engaged in the process and are beyond proud of their son. 


We want to say thank you to Parker and his family for letting 'beam' be the method they used for potty training!


Thank you for following along!

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