The Truth About Diapers

January 30, 2018

No doubt she is cute.... 

but have you ever wondered how much you are really spending on diapers each month for your little ones? Sure, you can add up the cost of the diapers themselves pretty easily, but have you really calculated what you are ACTUALLY spending on the 'diapering process' as a whole?


Let me share with you what our family is currently spending on our 9 month old baby girl. We shop at Target and the following amounts are all broken down into 'cost per month' along with 7% sales tax:


       -Diapers (Name brand, 248 ct, 8 diapers per day) $74.87

       -Wipes (Name brand (Natural Care) 616 ct) $15.61

       -Diaper Cream (14oz, $11.76/tub will last 2 months) $5.88

       -Diaper Pail Refills (20 ct, $20.10) 

               - use 1 bag/wk avg of 4 wks/mo) $4.02

       -Disposable Changing Pads (10 pack, use 1/mo) $7.26

       -Disposable Diaper bags ($7.49 use 2 a month) $16.02


Drum roll please.......

We spend a total of $123.66 to have a child in diapers!!!


How long until Marygrace is 17 months? I am literally counting down the days!!! 


If you have a child that is around 18mths, save yourself $123 a month and let's get them potty trained!


In less than 5 days you could be saving this money!



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