The Great Potty Debate

February 15, 2018

Choosing a potty for your child to train on is a really big decision! I wanted to breakdown the pros and cons between the Potty Seat Insert and the Potty Chair.


First up, let's look at the 'Potty Seat Insert':




1- There is no mess to clean up! Unlike the potty seat, you will not have to transfer any of their 'pee' or 'poop' to the big potty to flush!


2- It is more like Mommy and Daddy's potty so they fill super big when they sit on there.


3- It is easily transferred from one potty to the next. You can it to hotels or grandparents house with ease.


4- There is no added clutter to your bathroom. If you have a smaller space where a potty seat may not normally fit, this option is great because if you already have a toilet that is all the space you will need!


5- Having them train on a 'big potty' makes using public restrooms WAY less of a transition for them because they are already used to sitting on the big potty!




1- Some kids do find this more intimidating as they are trying to get used to the potty process.


2- You will have to remove it for others to use the same potty. If they have their own bathroom this will not be an issue, but if you are using a bathroom that will be shared by others, this would be something to consider.



Next up, let's take a look at the 'Potty Chair':





1- It is 100% portable. You can have a potty anywhere of your choosing! 


2- It is kid sized and it will be a less intimidating option when introducing them to the potty process.


3- When sitting on the potty, the child's legs will be on the ground to give them more of a support and steadiness when they are using the restroom.


4- There is no way to fall inside the potty!





1- You will have to transfer the pee and poop to the big potty and then clean it out....each time.


2- Transitioning to using a public restroom can be a bit more challenging. 


3- It will take up added space in your bathroom.



When I trained both of our girls we went with the option of the 'Potty Seat Insert'. It worked perfectly for us. I never introduced a 'Potty Chair' until after the training. They just thought that the big potty was their only option! After the training, we introduced a 'Potty Chair' to use in the car for travel and that was truly wonderful!


So, which option will you use?






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