When to start the 'Potty Talk'

March 26, 2018


I have many friends ask me when they should start talking to their child about the potty. The answer is, it's never too early!! I wanted to share with you a few thoughts and tips that will make your potty training process go more smoothly!


#1- If they can walk, get them a potty!


This may sound strange but as soon as they can walk and establish that core balance, go buy them a potty! Of course, you don't want to try and get them to sit on it and go potty right away. Let them explore!! Put it in the bathroom and let them play with it, sit on it whenever they choose. The more familiar you can get them to the potty the better! Never force the issue. It's a great idea to have this potty in place months before you even start to train them!


#2-Take them potty with you!


I remember when both of my girls started following me to the potty and suddenly became interested in the process. I knew they were getting close to training. When this started, I began telling them 'Mommy needs to go potty' and they would follow me there. I would talk them through the process (oh the things we do as a Mom, ha). It truly helped them so much. It made them start to realize that the potty process was safe and even fun! Who doesn't love flushing the potty and cheering?



#3- Catch them going potty and associate words!


With my girls, I could always tell when they were using the potty. I would say things like, 'Are you going pee?' or 'Are you going poop?' WHILE they were going! This might make you laugh and seem silly but it really works! They will begin to make a connection to the words 'pee and poop' with the actions of going 'pee and poop' Getting them these vocabulary words will in make the potty training process run very fluid. Since they will already know what they are, they will begin to tell you when they need to go by saying 'pee' or 'poop'. A silly trick that you will be thanking yourself for during the training process!


#4- Make note of when they go!


This is such a huge help. You can actually anticipate them needing to go and lead them towards the potty during that time when they train. If you aren't sure when they go, start making notes or keep a journal of the times they do go potty. You will begin to see a pattern form. You can use this during the training day and it will help you more than you can imagine!!


So, if you are a few months away from your training window, try these tips! They will really help the potty process be less stressful and more rewarding!




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