Do I have The Time To Potty Train?

April 9, 2018


Finding the time to potty train may seem difficult for many people. If you are thinking of potty training in the near future, but cannot seem to find the time, please keep reading! I am going to give you some ideal times and tips for training!


When is the best time to train? If your child has arrived at their 'window' then the time is NOW!! Many methods of potty training take MONTHS to truly have the kids fully trained. With beam, your child will be FULLY trained in 5 days or LESS!! Here are some different approaches and strategies to make sure that you do indeed have the time to train.


1- Take a look at your schedule and plan out the days. Many of my friends liked tying the training into a long weekend so they had help from their husband or another support/friend! The important thing to do is plan ahead!! 


2- If you are a working Mom, take a look at your holidays coming up, any unused vacation days and plan it around that time. For example, let's take Memorial Day.  Since it is Monday, see if you can take off the Friday before or the Tuesday after Memorial Day. If you did that, then you would just miss 1 day of work and right there you have 4 out of your 5 days planned! Perhaps your husband, Mom, friend or other caretaker could take that 5th day for you. There are your 5 days! 


3- If you are a stay at home mom, then your schedule will be more flexible. I would plan the training to start on a day where you know you will not have to do much running around town, carpool for other siblings, etc. For instance, let's take the Memorial Day example again. If your child has siblings, then they are not going to be in school for that day. You could begin your training on the Saturday prior to Memorial Day, plan to stay home during the weekend, and on that Monday that is a holiday. Day 4 would be the day you would need to resume carpool, etc. By that time, your child will be capable of adjusting and being in the car for short trips!


4- Let's add in another great time to train, SUMMER! If your kids are in preschool and they are out for summer after Memorial Day, that first week of summer is such a great time to train! It is a transition period as well, so you could make a big deal about summer, pools, beach trips, etc, all taking place by being a 'Big Boy/Girl'.  When they return to school in the fall, they will be SO excited to share the big news with their teacher and friends! If you have other kids in the house, they will not be in school in June, so the schedule becomes more flexible with when you can find those '5 Days' to train. There will not be carpool, less errands, etc. Plus, the siblings can help you with the training and cheer on their little brother or sister!! 


5- What if you don't have the 5 FULL days? This is perfectly OK. Based on my experience, I have noticed that the first 3 days are the most important for the consistency of being at home. Day 4 and 5 prove to be MUCH more flexible. I have had kids return to school on Day 4 and have NO accidents! So, if you can't get those 5 days, we will work together to ensure your child is still successfully trained!!


So, if you are AT or NEAR the 'window' and are thinking of potty training, I would love to help! I can take a look at your schedule and together we can find those days we need for training! How awesome would it be to have your little one trained in a few short days??


If you're interested in learning more about beam, fill out the information form on our website! I am happy to answer any questions that you may have and talk you through the beam Potty Training Method!



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