The Three Keys

April 16, 2018


When starting to plan the potty training process, there are 3 important keys to success. 


1- BE PATIENT: Having an expectation of 100% success on Day 1 can ultimately lead to failure. You bring back the diapers and say that the child is simply not ready. From the very first moment, until the end of the training, you must be patient. Think about what you are asking of your child, and how much of a change they are going through. Will they have successes on Day 1? YES! Will there me more accidents than success? Most likely, YES! Will they learn and grow to understand the process? YES! Being patient and waiting shows your child that you believe in them and that you are not giving up on them. They can and WILL be successful, you just need to be patient and let their little bodies adjust to this change!


2-BE CONSISTENT: I have said it before, the beam training process is 100% successful. Yes, that is correct, I have never had someone try my method and fail. Why? Our plan is all about consistency.... keep on keeping on! Children thrive off a structured plan and with beam it will all be laid out for you, each and every tiny detail! Taking our plan, studying it, and sticking with the methods will ultimately lead to success. Sometimes by Day 3 you will feel like Bill Murray from Groundhog Day, and that the word 'potty' has become a word you hope to never have to say again, haha. However, the consistency and willingness to stick to the plan is how the children succeed! Keep the consistency and you will have a fully trained child by (or before) Day 5!


3-BE POSITIVE: Children need to know that you believe in them and that you are their #1 fan!! Especially during the training days, you want to fill their little lives with praise! Words of affirmation, hugs and kisses will motivate your child to want to be a big boy or girl. They will take ownership and feel SO proud. There will be times that you get frustrated or will not know what to say or do. The great thing about beam is that I will be there with you every step of the way. I will be your support and help you through the frustration so that you can keep that positive outlook on the training process! NO matter what, you let your child know that they are so awesome and that you are proud of them!


With the beam Potty Training Plan, we will work together to make sure that these 3 keys to success are carried out through the entire training process! Being patient, consistent, and positive during the training will allow your child to be yet another successful potty training story! 


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