The Beauty of a Personalized Plan

June 4, 2018


Over the past couple of weeks I had the opportunity to train 2 little girls back to back. You would think that this would have been simple, I could have printed the same 'girls' material, offered the same advice to both families and seen the same results.


This could not be further from the truth! One of the things I most love about training kids is that each one is COMPLETELY different from the other. I never have one plan that could work for another child. It is the beauty of what makes beam so special. I took 2 little girls through the training process on totally different paths that ended with the SAME success!


Through the beam potty training process, you will receive a unique, tailored plan, just for your child. The advice and support you receive is genuine, real time support for them and for you!


There are SO many ideas and methods on 'How to Potty Train Your Child'. If you simply search that on the Internet, you will find an overwhelming amount of ideas/advice/materials. There are many plans out there on paper, in books, on blogs, etc. However, papers, books, and blogs can't talk back to you. You can't pick up the phone and call to talk to them when things don't go according to the 'paper plan' and you quickly need to adjust. Just like my plans are so different for my 2 girls, a paper plan most likely isn't going to be exactly what you need for your child. One method just cannot work for everyone!


If you find yourself overwhelmed with all the ideas or maybe you don't understand why a plan didn't work for you, give us a try. I promise you will not regret it! 


I absolutely love helping Mom's find the perfect adjustments and seeing the joy when the success is achieved! 


Do you know someone who could benefit from beam? Maybe it's you, or a close friend. I would love to build a totally unique plan for your family and watch it unfold into another success story!

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